New Balance is making waves in the global soccer scene. The boots - Furon 2.0 and Visaro - are worn by the likes of Aaron Ramsey, Jesus Navas, Marouane Fellaini and other top players.

We had a chance to chat with some of the guys from NB Soccer:

Richard Wright - General Manager, Global Football // Matt Bullock - Head of Product, Global Football // Kenny McCallum - Brand Marketing Manager, Global Football


Q: Why did NB venture into soccer?

RW: New Balance is a global brand that is buzzing across all corners of the globe. With such a global presence, it made sense for us to bring our innovation, our style and our fit to the world's most popular sport and we've been excited about it for a long time.

Q: Traditionally, NB has been about comfort. Is comfort the key benefit of NB soccer cleats?

MB: Comfort and fit has always been the cornerstone in New Balance footwear, and that is evident in our New Balance soccer cleats. At New Balance, we understand that not every foot is the same, but everyone should feel comfortable in their footwear. We've been applying that understanding and knowledge to our footwear since the beginning, which is why we're proud to offer width option in our footwear. We understand that some soccer players need a wider cleat, and with New Balance you can get that. Players don't have to miss out on a style or model of cleat because it's too narrow or too wide. The fit option is there so you can get the cleat that feels best to you.

Q: What is next for New Balance Soccer? Any new clubs or players on the horizon?

KM: New Balance Soccer is Always in Beta. We're always pushing the envelope and reaching new levels. The fans can see our enthusiasm and growth, and it's been exciting to see the effects across the globe. Along with Liverpool FC, Sevilla FC, FC Porto, Celtic FC and the Costa Rican and Panamanian federations we've just recently welcomed Lille in France to our NB family. Our athletes are top drawer, and have been such a major influence on the brand. It's no surprise that we have players wanting to be a part of New Balance Soccer. At the moment, I'll have to keep some of our future players and teams a surprise, but I can tell you we are very excited!


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