Q: It’s rumored you were the best salesman in United World Soccer history. Talk to me about your boots (Adidas X 15.1).

Yes, I would like to say I was the best salesman in there by quite some way, but bare in mind, there was not much competition, haha. Here is me pitching these adidas X boots at you…These are the new adidas X firm ground boots with exceptional stud configuration to help you turn on a dime and grip the surface to accelerate past your opponent. The bright yellow color helps your opponent see your boots through the cloud of dust you have left him in. Great cushion on the heel to increase comfort and prevent those nagging blisters. That's a great pitch right there, haha. 

Q: When you’re an old geezer, what will you remember about Orlando City’s inaugural season?

I will remember the run we went on that nearly took us into the playoffs. If it wasn't for Montreal also going on a great run, we would have been only the 3rd team in MLS history to make the playoffs in the first season. 

Q: What are the expectations going into the 2016 season?

Definitely to make the playoffs.

Q: Is there a specific song or artist that gets you going before matches?

Eminem is definitely a pre-game go to for me.

Q: Who was your favorite team growing up?

Manchester United.

Q: What’s your advice for those who dream to play professionally?

If it is something you want to do, then you really have to work at it, and you have to be 100% committed to it even when sometimes things might not go your way. I always say, soccer is a big roller coaster with all the ups and downs you have. You just have to enjoy the ride while you can.

Q: What do you like to do outside of soccer? 

I like to spend time with my wife and my little boy, play golf, and play pool. Movies also, I love movies.

Q: What’s your favorite food? Favorite drink?

I love Hispanic food. My wife is Hispanic and my mother-in-law cooks the best food ever, haha. Favorite drink would have to be Coke.

Q: We understand you love candy. What’s your favorite?

Candy is very special to me. I love skittles.

Q: Your FIFA rating is 66. Do you think that’s accurate? 

They say I am 66, but for some reason, on my game, I’m a 99. Not sure how that happened, haha.

Q: If you could play with any player, past or present, who would it be and why?

David Beckham, without a doubt. I loved Beckham ever since I was a kid. I would love to meet him one day.