How do you feel about the PUMA Tricks duality boot concept?

CF: Tricks boots are definitely a bold choice - but the design and colors are always cool! It definitely makes a change playing in something so different.

OG: Well you know an exciting summer is ahead when Tricks boots are launched! I think the Tricks boots are totally different to anything else out there, and the design is great, so yeah they're cool! I also love the history behind the collection - the boots being inspired by Rigobert Song who decided to wear one yellow and one red boot in the 1998 World Cup - hosted by France. Now that we are back in France for another tournament, it only seems right to have Tricks boots!

What was your first impression of the new Tricks boot collection colors?

CF: The pink and yellow are loud and crazy colors - I think the Tricks boots look even better wit the black graphics this year. I think people will go even crazier for this boot than they did at the World Cup!

OG: I think the pink and yellow combination is very striking - the colors are so bright they are bound to catch a lot of attention on pitch. The design features have really developed for this year's Tricks boots, PUMA have hands down outdone themselves this year with such a beautiful model and colorway.

You both wear the evoPOWER 1.3. How are you getting on with them?

CF: Yes, I have worn evoPOWER for over two years now and the evoPOWER 1.3 boot since January - and I have to say that PUMA has managed to improve the boot year on year. What I love about evoPOWER is that the boots are really flexible, which helps increase the power behind the ball when kicking, as well as increasing my accuracy. The evoPOWER 1.3 model has a new outsole, which really is a game changer for me. The stud configuration improves agility as well as my stability in all aspects of the game.

OG: When I became an evoPOWER player, I knew instantly this was the right kind of boot for me. The most recent boot, the evoPOWER 1.3 is the ideal balance of power, balance and agility, all of which I need to play at my best. I am a strong physical striker compared to many others in my position, so a flexible boot provides me more kicking power, whilst the gradual stability frame in the outsold keeps me balanced on my stance leg. The perfect combination to hit the ball hard and with accuracy.

In the Tricks film that was just released, you (Cesc) are surrounded by a media frenzy and you (Olivier) are having a kick about with Antoine Griezmann. Cesc, how do you cope with the media hype that accompanies a major tournament? Olivier, should we look forward to seeing more from the two of you this summer?

CF: I'd be lying if I said there isn't media hype around teams and players in the major tournaments, but it's just part of the game and you have to focus on playing to the best of your ability as an individual and as a team, and less about what is happening outside of that.

OG: Yes, definitely. I hope that you will see a lot from us this summer. Griezmann is an amazing player as he has shown many times this season for both Atlético and France. Antoine has so much to bring to the team, and I'm looking forward to playing alongside him.

Are you feeling the pressure to win the European Championships this summer in France?

CF: Of course! We have won the last two Euros and we intend to hold onto that title. Many teams are looking very strong this year and some of the groups are pretty tough, so it should be an interesting tournament!

OG: Of course there is added pressure, but it is also really exciting. Having the whole nation behind you is very motivating.

Predictions for the Euros title?

CF: Spain, of course (laughs). What do you think I'm going to say?

OG: France - bien sûr! Allez les Bleus!!

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